LAAMP Inductions

LAAMP inductions are engaging, effective and build loyalty from day one. Simple administrative functionality and the opportunity for rich content creation gives you the ability to manage cloud-based, in app induction training anywhere, at any time. LAAMP’s facial verification technology gives you the confidence that the right people are completing your induction, as well as an evidenced audit trail for compliance and governance purposes.

  • Self managed learning profile
  • Facial verification to ensure compliance
  • Publish inductions with rich content (video, audio, PDF, text, images and more)
  • Customisable assessments
  • Capture evidence during assessments
  • Capture recognition of prior learning and certificates
  • Skills Pass / Certificate
  • Library of training resources, accessible anytime
  • Offline mode
  • Virtual site tours for enhanced recall
  • User notifications
  • Set induction expiry
  • Notifications upon expiry
  • Approval and authorisation workflows
  • Reporting (Competency Matrix, Compliance, Competency Completion)


LAAMP Enterprise

LAAMP Enterprise seamlessly addresses organisational competency and capability frameworks, whilst upskilling your workforce and decreasing risk through real time reporting, enhanced digital evidence capture and robust audit trails. Automated training and assessment allocation across specific roles, geographies, sites and teams streamlines training and assessment - without the need for paper. Managers are provided with all necessary analytic insights and reports to meet training and compliance requirements, efficiently improve operational performance and build organisational confidence.

  • Unlock all LAAMP Induction features
  • Unlimited Competencies
  • Training automation
  • Assessor-led training and assessment
  • Customisable digital evidence capture against training and assessments (video, photo, audio and signature)
  • Enterprise Virtual Reality delivery and integration
  • Communicate news and announcements across your workforce
  • Capability assessment framework
  • GPS Tracking during assessment completion
  • Training requests
  • Advanced compliance workflows
  • Audit trail and digital evidence pack export
  • Real-time QR code competency reporting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Dedicated Support




Regardless of your organisation’s size, complexity, geographical presence or scope, we will work with you to ensure LAAMP is delivered in a way that best fits your needs and ensures your people aren’t left in the dark.

We have dedicated implementation teams who will work with you to ensure LAAMP is rolled-out across your organisation efficiently and effectively. Utilising our internal project software and tailored implementation packs, we partner with your business to provide a detailed, step-by-step plan of how to bring your organisation into the light with LAAMP.

If needed, we can also share access with key members of the client project team to ensure relevant stakeholders are across the implementation tasks, progress and schedule at all times.

Systems Training

We are in the business of anywhere; we can deliver systems training remotely, if required. When there’s a need to further upskill key users or trainers, 1-on-1 training (online or inperson) can also be effective in ensuring your teams are fully skilled in training other users on LAAMP.

Our Implementation Leads will work with your in-house project team to design and deliver the specific training needs of your organisation’s Administrators, Coordinators and Assessors, ensuring that all pre-launch and ongoing training needs are met, regardless of delivery method (in-person or remotely).


LAAMP is a modern web application that can easily integrate with other existing systems to allow for the simple and effective transfer of your data. LAAMP captures supporting digital evidence against your training and assessment requirements. We can connect and push most of our LAAMP data to other systems (such as your existing LMS, for example), allowing a single, holistic overview of all training and assessment.

Support Services

Once your organisation has turned on LAAMP, your staff and contractors to get in touch directly with us should they require help. Standard LAAMP Support can be accessed via email and telephone from 8:30 am to 5:30pm (EST). Our LAAMP Support team assesses the severity and urgency of the enquiry and offers appropriate assistance. Responses and resolutions can be expected in-line with agreed Service Level Agreements; support services during these standard hours are covered in licensing costs.

Dedicated 24/7 support can also be arranged - we can explore the pricing and service model that best suits your needs.

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