What is the difference between LAAMP and a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Ticking a box is not enough. Unlike a LMS, LAAMP gathers live evidence of the completion of training and assessment programs, providing an invaluable audit trail for governance and compliance.

Immersive technology is fundamental to modern learning solutions. LAAMP allows for seamless delivery of engaging VR & AR training and the smart tracking and analysis of insights and outcomes. LMSs do not allow for the integrated delivery or analysis of immersive training (linked to desired organisational results).

Traditional LMSs rely on paper - leading to inefficient training, lost records, potentially fudged assessments and heavy administration. LAAMP links all components of the learning pathway and is completely digital across the full range of your training and assessment needs. So, whether you are delivering self-paced, facilitator-led, remote, practical training or a combination, LAAMP increases efficiency – auditable, integrated, paper-less, cloudbased training and assessment with zero risk of lost records.

You won’t understand your people from a pass/fail result. LAAMP empowers you to make informed decisions and implement necessary changes to manage and measure improvement in your team and organisation. A traditional LMS will typically deploy SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) content which only measures whether the user has passed or failed an assessment. LAAMP captures so much more - and provides data and insights into the capability of your people, what learning resources they have accessed and their level of proficiency.

A user-driven, bottom-up approach builds efficiency, saving time and money. LMSs are administration-heavy, focusing on a generic, top-down approach. It’s then up to LMS administrators to upload all necessary documents and training records. LAAMP removes unnecessary administration and enables users to take ownership of and responsibility for their learning. Cloud-based assessment evidence and records are immediately accessible – removing the burden from administrators and minimising the risk of errors and lost records.

We’re focused on experiences and engagement. LAAMP cares about user experience, uptake and retention. Typical LMS programs comprise a simple online presentation in which the user skips through dull slides, only to find a redundant final assessment that doesn’t challenge or truly assesses the learner. LAAMP takes a modern approach and delivers learning experiences that are enjoyable, improve engagement and build retention.


Leveraging technology to make training faster and more inspiring, LAAMP has revolutionised inductions and learning. If your people are spending too much time on inductions, paperwork and training, LAAMP will not only improve efficiency through time and cost savings but improve staff productivity by driving better practice.



Skilled employees are safer employees. Nothing holds a business back like a workplace incident. See how our digital evidence technology and training methods will decrease your workplace risk.


Who said training needs to be boring? Through VR and AR technologies, LAAMP takes training to a new level. Thanks to our innovative methods, employees will be engaged for longer and find deeper connections with content. Increased engagement leads to greater retention and this is our collective goal for clients.

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