Shining a light on COVID-19 changes for your business; don’t leave your people in the dark

Shining a light on COVID-19 changes for your business; don’t leave your people in the dark

Tim Angel | July 13, 2020 | 12:38 AM |

In a time of global social, political and economic crisis, where news and restrictions are changing rapidly (sometimes by the hour), it is imperative for your staff not to be left in the dark.

As we settle into a new operating scenario, key themes are emerging when it comes to dealing with the uncertainty we’re faced with in the workplace. With organisations and their people stretched far beyond their comfort zones, we’re finding that connection and adaptability are top of mind for many leaders as they re-evaluate traditional ways of working and strive to keep their people informed and appropriately skilled.

Maintaining trust and a sense of connection is the essence of organisational survival never mind success; teams have to move quickly to deliver an effective solution to new challenges. Robust, timely and adaptable communication and agile training is key – to support, maintain momentum and build engagement and trust to underpin adaptable stability.

With LAAMP, your organisation can ride the wave of the COVID-19 changes with flexible, smart delivery of both information and learning. With just one click of a button, project Directors and HR leaders can keep employees up-to-date and informed, ensuring the integrity and consistency of all messaging. With another click they can get live feedback and insights on uptake data.

This consistent communication breaks down barriers that can result in uncertainty and low morale, delay or failure to complete projects and missed performance objectives. Drastic measures must be put in place to protect progress that has been made and continue the stream of productive workflow in uncertain times.

The cloud-based LAAMP dashboard can be accessed in many ways and is designed to encapsulate the latest learning resources and the up-to-date health & safety modules. Using LAAMP, organisations with a dispersed remote workforce can immediately address specific requirements in different regions, keeping teams fully aware, empowered to adapt and accountable to themselves and one another.

Right now, the waves of COVID-19 impacts are no doubt challenging and touch every individual and organisation. With the creation of a well-structured communication and employee engagement channel, organisations can ensure all stakeholders are kept informed, maintain productivity and manage risk (both physical and psychological), together creating an environment for rapid adaptability and recovery.

There’s no such things as the “new normal”; our environment is more dynamic than ever – but with the right tools, business can be nimble and thrive, regardless.

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